1. Eric Garner feat. Vernon Reid from upcoming album Silenced
    Donald Sturge Anthony McKenzie II

  2. Words Glow from upcoming album Telepathic Alliances
    Daniel Carter, Patrick Holmes, Matthew Putman, Hill Greene, Federico Ughi

  3. Tense Life
    Kid Millions & Sarah Bernstein

  4. Improv Messenger
    G. Calvin Weston

  5. JOYS!
    Sabir Mateen & William Simone

  6. Heart Talk
    Federico Ughi

  7. Life Station
    Leila Adu, Daniel Carter, Jeff Henderson, Jeff Snyder, Federico Ughi

  8. The Dream
    Daniel Carter, William Parker, Federico Ughi

  9. Navajo Sunrise
    Daniel Carter, William Parker, Federico Ughi

  10. Prophecies Come To Pass
    Sabir Mateen

  11. Forward Festival MIXTAPE 2016
    Various Artists

  12. Flying Kites
    G. Calvin Weston & Lucas Brode

  13. Extra Room
    Daniel Carter & Federico Ughi

  14. Extra Room Volume Two
    Daniel Carter and Federico Ughi

  15. Gowanus Recordings
    Daniel Carter, Demian Richardson, Matthew Putman, David Moss, Federico Ughi

  16. Songs For Four Cities
    Federico Ughi

  17. Before The Songs EP
    Federico Ughi

  18. AELLA
    Mette Henriette, Patrick Breiner, Max Goldman

  19. David Schnug Trio
    David Schnug

  20. New Vintage Sessions
    Gabriele Meirano and Xu Fengxia

  21. Coordinate Orientali
    Gabriele Meirano & Federico Ughi

  22. History Lesson

  23. Garden Of Gifts
    Kirk Knuffke, Federico Ughi, Chris Welcome

  24. Good and Evil

  25. People's Resonance
    Daniel Carter, Federico Ughi, Gene Janas

  26. Mountain Path
    Daniel Carter & Federico Ughi

  27. Red River Flows
    Ras Moshe, Dave Ross, Federico Ughi

  28. The First Third
    Stephen Gauci, Reuben Radding, Todd Capp

  29. In Ponta Delgada
    Big Group

  30. Friendly Fire
    Gabriele Meirano, Jim Dvorak, Roberto Bellatalla

  31. Concrete Science
    Daniel Carter, Steve Swell, Federico Ughi

  32. South Of Brooklyn
    Federico Ughi

  33. I Thought It Was The End Of The World (2017 remaster)
    Steve Dalachinski & Federico Ughi

  34. ULERS Two
    Federico Ughi

  35. Astonishment
    Daniel Carter & Federico Ughi

  36. Federico Ughi Quartet
    Federico Ughi

  37. The Space Within
    Federico Ughi

  38. WAKE UP!
    Daniel Carter, Demian Richardson, David Moss, Federico Ughi


Forward Festival & 577 Records Brooklyn, New York

577 Records has been producing music since 2001 and has released albums featuring the work of artists from New York and around the world.

This grassroots, independent label got its start with a series of living room concerts in Brooklyn. The name of the label was taken from the address of the house where these concerts first took place (577 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, New York).
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